How do you start off your hardy vegetable plants?


Looking to start my own greenhouse, how do I get my plants started effectively?

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  1. I can start your own plants in the greenhouse but depending where you live you may need heating and or cooling of the greenhouse. If you live in the cold snowy country like us in Canada then you may want to start with a separate plastic canopy inside the greenhouse but no sooner than March as you will need some heating. You could use a small space heater for heating but heat gets expensive so better yet you can start them in your basement with a LED grow light. (Led Grow light Approximately $150.00 ~ $ 200.00) You Start your seeding in seedling trays that come with grow plugs.
    Now depending what growing method you want to use …grow in the soil (traditional and Simple)
    Grow Hydroponically on substrates using Rockwool or Co-co peat bags, NFT – Nutrient Film Technique. I did them all and it is a bit of work to set up, but then the rewards are fennominal, very enjoyable and relaxing (at least it is for me) and you get to enjoy eating your own fresh greens and vegetables.

    I found lettuce and Basil and other leafy crops are fairly easy to do. As they will grow nicely in Cooler temperatures 55 to 65*F Place one seed per plug in the small holes in the plugs, after seeding fill the holes with a light sand or you can use small particles from the grow plug to fill in the holes in the grow plugs. I found that a light sand was easier to use. Set the grow trays on plastic boxes to make a bench and water them with plain tap water. Once the seedlings start to come up moisten them with 1 teaspoon of Miracle Grow into 4 liters of water (or 1/4 teaspoon in 1 Liter of water) Keep them in the dark for a day or two until the seeds soften and start to germinate. Then you can turn on the LED light with a set timer to 18 HRS/day. Water needed to keep moist but not too wet and monitor water moisture daily. Small plants at germination, they are like babies they need tender loving care especially until they develop a good root system in the grow cube. So lets say you are growing basil or lettuce once the plants are 3~4 inches tall they are ready to be transplanted. But where do you transplant them in the Soil, in Substrate bags, or NFT channels with recirculating water and nutrients. If growing in the soil target temperatures for day time 70~75*F and Night temps around 68 to 70*F Hope this helps and have fun growing.


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