How do we master the art and science of asking effective questions and how do we make it a habit?


According to by NICOLA WATTS: Not asking good or even enough questions has a direct impact on the quality of choices you make. Habituating the art of asking questions enables you to gain deep insight, develop more innovative solutions and to arrive at better decision-making.

Brilliant thinkers and scientists never stop asking questions. “Asking questions is the single most important habit for innovative thinkers,” says Paul Sloane, the UK’s top leadership speaker on innovation.

“Good questioning should stimulate, provoke, inform and inspire” says Sloane, while Berger feels it can “help us learn, explore the unknown and adapt to change”. What could be a great question that could shift the way you or your organization perceive or think about something that has the potential to act as a catalyst for change?

In our opinion, all of us not only do we not ask enough questions and do more listening but we ask the wrong or unqualified people. Although, we can not address the world’s problems with this website. We can certainly help the greenhouse grower looking to maximize is crop and profits. Our goal with this website is to help growers and owners reduce risk and increase success through answering the right question.

We encourage you the visitor to think in terms questions? Ask ? Question everything greenhouse grown here on this website.  What do you think is the greenhouse industry ready for a website like this? AG


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