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The greenhouse grower advisors’ goal is to have a strong base of knowledge bank
with shared experience from experts and customer.
Helping customers, by providing advice regarding complex greenhouse crop growing under cover.

Get sound advice tips and tricks from greenhouse industry suppliers and their customers using the products.

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However, questions can be submitted anonymously. Our goal is to provide greenhouse customer with an adviser that they can trust, asking a question anonymously, you may hold back information, making the advice experts give you potentially less useful.
Therefore, the material contained on this website has been prepared for informational purposes only.

Greenhouse Grower Advisor c/o Leamington Grower Inc.
1634 Seacliff Dr. Kingsville Ontario N9Y2M6
Inquiries only by email: info@greenhousegroweradvisor.com


Alberto Zanon  Alberto Zanon

Research & Development Engineer/Project manager
Treviso – Italy

P.A.T.I. S.p.A

Project manager for plastic membranes, greenhouse, agricultural, & architectural market.


Ying FongYing Fong

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Talun Eco-Products Inc.

Seaweed and Non GMO soybean based fertilizer manufacturer.
Promoting food production in an environmentally friendly way.


Paco Lopez

Paco López

Valencia, Spain

Golden Grow by Projar

Projar’s Paco López providing consultancy for a greenhouse & cannabis growers on grow bags and organic soil mixes.


Marcel Schulte

Marcel Schulte

Co Owner, Holland Gaas, Insect Netting Systems
Maasdijk, Holland

Holland Gaas

Creating and developing new insect netting systems for existing or new Greenhouses.

Eric Labbate

Owner, Climate Control Systems Inc.
Leamington, Ontario

Climate Control Systems Inc.

Climate Control Systems Inc. has been manufacturing greenhouse automation systems since 1985.
Our greenhouse automation software and solutions help achieve a better crop while saving precious grower time.


Antonio Gomez

Antonio Gomez

Greenhouse Depot Inc.
At Your Service

Kingsville, ON, Canada

A grower liaison, dedicated to the greenhouse vegetable grower in North America but also assisting
high tunnel growers, cannabis, nursery growers & others in the horticulture industry nationwide.
A marketer and distributor of greenhouse horticulture information and technology.